About Michael Noble 2020

Dr. Noble has held a broad variety of quality oriented positions (Past and Current) that focus on Medical Laboratory Quality within the domains of private, public, academic, research, and planning environments, national and international

Michael A Noble MD FRCPC is currently Professor Emeritus in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of British Columbia.  He started his career as a Medical Microbiologist with research interests in Staphylococci and Beta haemolytic Streptococci,  but his career migrated to the domain of Laboratory Quality and Laboratory Quality Management.  

Under his position in UBC  he developed the Clinical Microbiology Proficiency Testing program- (CMPT) (1983) and  the Program Office for Laboratory Quality Management - POLQM (2003) as vehicles to introduce Quality into medical laboratories in British Columbia, across Canada and abroad. 

In 2009 he introduced an international EQA training program for international visitors attending a 2-week course at the CMPT laboratory in Vancouver BC.  In 2021 he extended this unique training opportunity by working with Oneworld Accuracy and providing training on site mainly in National Laboratories in West and East Africa.  The program has continued through 2022.   

While enjoying an active retirement (including the aforementioned training abroad), Dr. Noble continues to be active on a CMPT Advisory Committee, and participates in POLQM teaching.

Recognizing the title has NO official status, he nonetheless defines himself within the community of laboratory Qualitologists, and encourages organizations provincial, national and international to officially recognize the importance of Quality and recognize it as a body of knowledge and of sufficient importance that Qualitology shall be in time designated as an official professional status.

Quality focused experiences:

  • Chair: Canadian Standards Association Technical Committee Z252 – Quality Management*  Note: in 2011 stepped down to member status after 10 years as Chair and Vice-Chair.

  • Chair, Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Strategic Steering Committee on Health Care Technology and Services.

  • Chair: Standards Council of Canada: Canadian Advisory Committee to ISO TC 212 in vitro diagnostics

  • Member, Standards Council of Canada - Advisory Panel on Standards

  • Special Expert for External Quality Assessment . Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Public Health Practice Program Office (PHPPO), Division of Laboratory Systems (DLS), Atlanta Georgia.

  • Invited Researcher. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Public Health Practice Program Office (PHPPO), Division of Laboratory Systems (DLS), Atlanta Georgia.

  • Chair, Health Canada - Canadian External Quality Assessment Advisory Group On Antibiotic Resistance (CEQA AGAR)

  • Quality Consultant : College of Physician and Surgeons, Alberta

  • Quality Consultant: Carribean Epidemiology Center, Port of Spain, Trinidad

  • Senior Technical Advisor for Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute – Laboratory Strengthening Program – Africa

  • Medical Director for Quality: LifeLabs Medical Laboratories BC (2008-2010)

  • \Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation (CALA) Accreditation Council Member

  • Chair, Microbiology Working Group - European Organization for External Quality Assurance for Laboratory Medicine - EQALM (2016-2019)

  • Medical Director for Microbiology Proficiency Testing - Oneworld Accuracy (2018-19)

  • Canadian advisory panel member to ISO CASCO with special reference to WG57 - ISO IEC 17043:2010 and 20XX - Conformity Assessment- Requirement for Proficiency Testing.