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MMLQR is site committed to Education, Discussion, and Community in, by, and for Medical Laboratory Quality.  This page, over time will become populated with links to sites that in my opinion are committed to the same goals.  Some of these are sites will be well known and respected in the medical laboratory community.  Others will be new.  
It is always a temptation to RANK websites.  I have no intention to do that.  If you find a site listed here, it is because I have visited it, and decided that if I was going to rank it, I would give it a "thumbs up" or "Four-Stars" or "Great Big Noble Nod".  If your favorite site is not here it is likely that I have not visited it.
In all cases, I will have chatted with the owner and,  have asked for and  received permission to post this link. is the website for the Clinical Microbiology Proficiency Testing program.  An excellent site with useful clinical microbiology information.  Visit the critiques section.  For more information on CMPT visit the CMPT page. is the website for the UBC Program Office for Laboratory Quality Management.  Some useful presentations of educational materials.  For more information on POLQM, visit the POLQM page.

Jim and Sten Westgard are responsible for which is one of the most enriched go-to sites on the web.  Loaded with information, education, opportunity, and applications.

Robert Michel is the host of the Dark Daily at . This site is loaded with new and current information.  Robert is comfortable with being controversial, which makes this both a valuable and fun site.  Excellent site with a lot of articles of interest for the Medical Microbiology community. 

An interesting journal written by an "anonymous  biomedical scientist somewhere in the south of England".  Well written and lots of personal interest.

The Sauder School of Business has a program called the Centre for Healthcare Management.  Not a lot of laboratory information but lots on healthcare quality.
A very useful site:  Look for "30 Incredible Job Sites for Medical Lab Technicians." 
The American Society for Quality (ASQ) has developed a very interesting program entitled Influential Voices where they have selected a group of people with interesting and diverse thoughts on Quality.  This address will take you to the main place to find these different points of view.  
Brilliant idea.  Good access to some very good reading and contacts.
A View from the Q
This is the blog site of Paul Borawski, the CEO of the American Society for Quality.  A very good read and the centerpiece for the Voice-of-Quality initiative.