Sunday, October 10, 2010

CMPT Annual Report 2009-2010

Some of you are interested in microbiology as a laboratory discipline, while others see microbiology as a critical part of the medical laboratory but not your particular interest.  Similarly, some of you see Proficiency Testing as the laboratory quality partner with the most frequent and constant exposure and influence on laboratory education and quality, while others don't.  That's one of the fascinations of medical laboratory as an area of interest.  By its very nature it is simultaneously both broad and narrow.

In either event, I think you mind find the CMPT Annual Report as an interesting document.

Our Annual Report highlights our own Quality Management through management review, internal audit, quality indicator, satisfaction survey, goals setting and monitoring.  For those with a primary interest in Quality Management, I think it is a good example of what the discipline of ISO9001:2008 can foster. 

It also gives a picture of medical laboratory performance across much of Canada, showing strengths, weaknesses, and trends. 

If you work with a PT provider that does not share this sort of information with you, it is a fair question to ask why not. 

Go to: and look under Annual Report.  The drop down menu on the left includes 2009-2010.

PS: Many of you are not CMPT subscribers.  This is likely the last year that this annual report will be available without being a CMPT subscriber or registrant.

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