Monday, January 10, 2011

A brilliant Quality seminar.

This is a notice that will  be considerable interest to the microbiology community across Canada and in the US especially the North East, but should have special mega appeal to Medical Laboratory Qualitologists in the same regions. Maybe even bigger.

The clinical microbiology crowd is already aware of the annual Canadian Association for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (CACMID) conjoint conference.  This meeting has been an annual event in one form or another since (I think) 1965.  It is the premier Canadian microbiology conference.  The Canadian Association for Medical Microbiologists and the Canadian Infectious Diseases Society (now collectively named AMMI-Canada) holds its meeting conjointly.
This year this conjoint meeting will be in Montreal from April 6-9, 2011 (visit

Every year for the last 16 years we have hosted a Quality Seminar in conjunction with CACMID, usually on the first day (or pre-conference day).  This year it will be a 4-hour seminar on  April 6, 2011 starting at 1:00 PM.  The theme of the conference will be Communicating Quality.

I have to tell you that as good as all the seminars in this series  have been, I am especially proud of this one.

The meeting will have 4 presentations:
Michael Noble - Developing a comprehensive communication strategy for Quality.
Julie Coffey from Quality Management Program - Laboratory Services Ontario will present on on-line education in Quality.
Robert Michel the Editor of the Dark Report and the creator of the Dark Daily will present on developing a comprehensive Quality Communication Information Strategy
Sara Garcha of LifeLabs BC will present on Communications as an integral part of Quality Culture.

This seminar is a must see for anyone charged with developing and promoting a quality system in their own laboratory, or as is happening more and more, a network of laboratory sites.

The session is cheap ($80 Canadian), indeed under valued.
If you are involved in clinical microbiology you probably will come for the pre-conference seminar and stay for the whole meeting.
If you are interested in Quality, but maybe not from a microbiology perspective, I strongly recommend that you consider this meeting, even if it is only half a day.
At best you participate in a brilliant education seminar with knowledgeable excellent speaker-presenters  that will give you ideas that will change your quality practice for years to come.
At worst you attend an excellent meeting and get to have dinner in Montreal. 

It is difficult to see the downside.

You can register for the quality seminar on the CACMID website


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