Saturday, September 7, 2013

Education Opportunities in Quality Management 2014

Education Opportunities in Quality Management - 2014

Adults learn in a variety of ways; some learn by individual reading from books or the internet, while others benefit from the shared experience of faculty and peer participation.  When it comes to learning about Medical Laboratory Quality Management there is always choice.

The UBC Certificate Course in Laboratory Quality Management provides a 21-week structured on-line virtual small group classroom experience with interested peers and committed faculty.  The course provides comprehensive learning with textbooks, international standards, structured presentations, discussion, assignments, quizzes, comprehensive examination. 

The course is intended for people with ongoing work experience associated with the medical (or veterinary) laboratory.

The course provides a broad curriculum that includes:
  • ·        Standards and Quality Management
  • ·        Regulatory Framework for Medical Laboratories including Safety and Risk Management
  • ·        Costs of Poor Quality
  • ·        Modern Tools for a Culture of Quality
  • ·        Root Cause Analysis
  • ·        Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma
  • ·        Monitoring Quality

Ninety percent of participants consistently rate the course as Very Good or Excellent

POLQM is now accepting applications for January 2014.

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