Tuesday, December 20, 2016

What Medical Laboratorians Need To Know About Laboratory Quality

What Medical Laboratorians Need To Know
About Laboratory Quality

Medical laboratorians have many laboratory quality responsibilities today.  Accreditation, Quality Indicators, Process Management, Error Awareness, Corrective Actions, Preventive Actions, Risk Management, and more. 
In the past most medical laboratorians learned these skills the hard way on their own.

There is a better way.
The UBC Certificate Course in Laboratory Quality Management,
regularly updated, now in its 15th years covers:

International standards for Quality and Success
History of Quality Management
Costs of Poor Quality
Quality Partners
Quality Culture
Root Cause Analysis
Modern Tools for Quality in the Medical Laboratory
Risk Management
Document Preparation and Management
Understanding and Working with Error
Quality Education and Leadership
Quality Indicators
Continual Improvement
Six Sigma and Lean
And more…

Multi-media 21-week course in VCOLE (Virtual Classroom On-Line Education) format, highly interactive with faculty and participants across Canada and around the world.  An ideal way to get yourself, your students and residents ready for laboratory quality management. 

Appropriate for technologists, administrators, Quality Team, physicians
in all laboratories including medical, research, public health

Accredited by UBC CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
Accredited by CSMLS for Continuing Education Credits
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Next course starts January 11, 2017

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