Sunday, May 15, 2022

Moving Forward

2022 is a major changing career point for me… I am now 75 years “young”, soon to be 76. I am not sure when that number will cease to grow. 

I have worked as a physician and teacher and leader in the arenas of laboratory medicine since 1978. I have focused on microbiology, infection control, elder care, and most recently and most actively in quality teaching, quality assessment and quality improvement.  I am pretty pleased with my career. 

But this is a good time for a change. I am well and healthy now, but who knows about tomorrow. This is a good time for me to turn over the reins to someone younger and with as much enthusiasm as I have had, but importantly with more room to grow. I am confident we have found that person, and so I am comfortable with making the transition. I was able to find a generous sponsor who has provided professorship support to keep the program going and growing for another 10 years, at least, so what we have created can continue and improve and prosper. 

What to do next… I love my wife and children and grand children and I plan to focus a lot of my energies there. I also have old hobbies for which I will now have more . 

But to be clear, I fully anticipate continuing with my professional career, with some adjustment on focus. I am setting up a consulting platform from which I can continue to teach and advise. Through this site (and some others) I will try to continue as a thought leader and perhaps a bit of a provocateur contrarian, as long as I think I have new ideas to contribute. 

So Making Medical Lab Quality Relevant is not ending now. I just extended my ownership of the domain for another 3 years. 

Many thanks for your continuing readership and support.


  1. Dr Noble Wow! I'm glad that although you are leaving, you are not going anywhere. Your articles constantly challenge me to think in new ways. Looking forward for more.

    1. Thanks Mutale. I appreciate your comment. I enjoy writi ng MMLQR


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