Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome to MMLQR

Greetings all and welcome to this blog.
It will be about why medical laboratories can benefit from quality programs, for reasons other than satisfying an accreditation body. There are too many real and proven benefits to talk about (patient safety, effective reporting, cost reductions, business opportunity, academic interest and opportunities, quality partners) that by far supersede the mundane trivialities of accreditation.

A little about me (more later).
I am a medical laboratorian with a long time interest in Laboratory Quality. I run a university based proficiency testing program for medical microbiology (More on CMPT later) and a Program Office for Certification of Laboratory Quality Managers (POLQM). I work with ISO, Standards Council of Canada, Canadian Standards Association, and a number of other programs that we can talk about later.
And I work as the Medical Director for Quality for a large community based medical laboratory.

My plan for this blog is to raise issues, share opinions, and vent.
Materials will refresh regularly.
So for those listening, welcome aboard.


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