Thursday, August 12, 2010

August is a Quiet month

In my world, the Romans got it wrong.  August is really the end of the year and September is the real beginning.  (I know that  probably doesn't work for folks in Australia).  In Canada, August is the time of lazy hazy summer.  It's when nothing else is happening.  So August is a good time to reflect back on what has worked and what needs changing and what new opportunities lie ahead.

You could call this "taking stock" or since we are a Quality oriented group here, "Management Review".

For me it is the best time of the year for creating my Annual Report for CMPT, and maybe for POLQM.  It is also the perfect time for putting my presentations together for the upcoming few months.  I have presentations in September, October, November (maybe), January and February.

This year we will be making some substantial changes to the UBC Certificate Course in Laboratory Quality Management with a number of new video clips for introduction (a "talking head") and scenarios for case discussions.  The scripts are being written now, for videography probably in December.  I think the clips will add an extra dimension to the course content.

I had a conversation about the course with a manager of the  UBC Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology.  This is the group that works our course through Vista Blackboard.  But they are also a team of teaching academics and creative designers and seem to know a lot about on-line teaching.  I think there will lead to fruitful discussion and help keep the course in the front lines of Quality education. 
One concept talked about is consistent with current practice.  Information and notifications generated about the course will show up here.  Case discussions and education will occur within the course site, but case materials will be published at, we can use the full concert of education and information tools at our disposal.

The same thing will happen with CMPT and proficiency testing education.

So for those who may be filling some quiet, lazy August moments visiting MMLQR, use the comment section to say hello.   And for everyone else, see y'all in September.

PS:  Will be doing a Quality workshop in Melbourne September 6-7.  Report from that meeting later.

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