Monday, September 17, 2012

Quality Education 2013

I have mentioned before about our Certificate Course in Laboratory Quality Management.   This course is about to start its eleventh season in January 2013.  It is an amazing course and one that I strongly recommend for people interested in laboratory quality to consider.  

You might say that I am biased, and you would definitely be right, but this is one situation where it is possible to be both biased and accurate at the same time.  

This course covers a lot that you would want and need a medical laboratory quality manager to know about.  The list is extensive and includes: everything from international standards, to Culture of Quality to Document Management, Continual Improvement and beyond.    You can see the list in the enclosed brochure below.

This is an on-line course, but is not your typical on-line course.  It is much more a hybid-course with all the convenience of being on-line, but still provides all the discipline and connectivity that a small group classroom experience provides.  There are conversations, discussions, assignments and quizzes and examinations. This is not like your usual college classroom lecture with 700-100 all sitting bored or sleeping in the lecture hall.  It is a group of 40, the perfect size for adult discussion.  

The course was primarily focussed on people who wanted to be medical laboratory Quality Managers.   Initially the course participants were medical laboratory technologists thinking of a career change.  Over time the audience has changed: today the course has pathologists and residents, scientists and investigators, technologists and administrators. 

The course is taught in English.

The course tuition is $1950 dollars, and I agree that may seem expensive.  But the course is 21 weeks long, and the tuition covers a broad library and access to many international standards.    Most students score the course very strongly as providing value.

Philip Crosby once wrote "Quality is Free", and I agree.  Unfortunately Quality Education does have to have a cost.

For further information go to and click on “Course Description”.  To see what last year’s students said about the course, click on “Enter to view the student satisfaction survey for LQM 2012”

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